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Small Talk

“How to make friends as an adult” might be one of my more revealing Google searches, up there with “how to say ‘no’ politely” or how many times I put “joinery” into Pinterest.

Quite a few years back I realized it was easier to have a little crutch to lean on when talking to new people, so I printed off two cards with 120 questions, laminated them with packing tape and they’ve been in my wallet ever since.

I’d love it if those deeper conversations were more accessible, more of a daily occurrence, so I’ve been making a few t-shirts. Maybe it’ll open up a deep meaningful back and forth conversation with someone you had only known surface-deep and you’ll find the first real friend since school. Or you’ll find one of those people who tells you every depressing detail of their entire life story – or maybe just a quick smile with a stranger. It’s a gamble, but I’m enjoying the fun of creating them.

If you’d like to try them out with me, roll the socially awkward dice, you can check them out here.